Carnal Anomaly | A Fine Art Photography Book by N Maxwell Lander
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This book is hard to explain.


It has been many things before it came to rest at what it is: a documentation of transhuman bodies, an exploration of body modification, a collection of fictional movie characters, a look at future sex, a whole lot of masked men. It is now none (and maybe also all) of them. I’ve used silly strung together phrases to attempt to describe it. It is “pseudo” a lot of things. Porn. Portraiture. Science Fiction. Cyberpunk. Noir. Fetish. Fantasy. Violence. It is all of these things. It is that throaty whisper.  It is orange mesh. It is crash and burn. It is DIY. It is occasional romance. It is the 90’s. It is the moment when you are yelling “make out!” at the TV (and they do). It is what happens when you say “Hey, I’ve gotten a book deal and it’s gonna get weird and be hard to explain and would you like to donate your body to the cause?” (and they do).


Want to order directly from me? (I get more of your dollars this way)

Want to take it directly from my hands at the Toronto Launch party? (April 22nd, 8pm, Bento Miso – 862 Richmond St W – RSVP HERE)


Carnal Anomaly is a 96 page, 9″ x 12″, Hardcover photography book, published by ThreeL Media.


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Please note – copies shipped directly from me will take longer to arrive, but then you get the pleasure of knowing I’ve fingered the pages – and you’ll get to look at my chicken scratch.


It’s ok, I won’t judge you if you go that Amazon route.

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